Sunday, January 18, 2015

It is all about ...Today

The joy of quilting in Kinvara....You go Fiona!!!  Thank you for sharing.
It so delights me when Muldoon, International, and the family tree..get quilting.
Make me happy!!!!!

 I am sitting here ordering Aurifil on 
Friends are going in on the ordering and the shipping...Of course I have to order extra, cuz when the eye candy comes, all will remember how much they really really needed Burnt 
Jean took Dylan for an outing...TBTG.  Taking just one child out of the mix makes things so much better. And, now there is no school both Monday and Friday....what are they thinking??
Things with my dear man are going from bad to worse in terms of his breathing and sleeping.
Every day I want to call the Hospice nurse and every day, he whispers no...wait till Monday for his own nurse, Angela.
I suppose with ALS, he could live like this for another year, or he could die tonight. I have a friend whose husband lay paralyzed for over a year, unable to move an eyelash...
I hate hate hate having no control.  And I hate hate hate ALS.
I so want to fix this.
I am looking through my sewing room window at beautiful Carolina blue skies and my pretty bottle tree.
The world just keeps keeping on...going on...despite adversity....
I am pinning some more blocks for Cotton and Steel...always remembering  American women are made of such stuff...Hopefully that includes me too.
I am on edge constantly waiting for the proverbial  other shoe to drop.
Evan has misplaced his finished I think we will do a big do of sewing room organization together now.  Hmm  I see that he has taken out his own sewing machine and is setting it up...
There is some joy in Mudville today!
xxoo to my caring friends


Michele Bilyeu said...

It's the joy, no matter what over, no matter how fleeting, that will keep you going. Joy and love, love and joy. And then when the day or the night comes when the joy is snuffed out for a while, trust me, the love will overwhelm you and surround you and you will know that it and your beloved are still there all around you. Never forget that during even the darkest of times that the light is still there. Light up the lanterns in Mudville and The Land of the O'Quilts and keep those Irish eyes shining!

Peggy Boltes said...

Hi Diane, i miss you and Vic & I put Fintan and your family in our prayers each night.
Once I get settle in our townhouse I will in touch.
PS-- What is bottle tree??

smazoochie said...

That hideous disease has your household in its talons, but you are brave & pass on Light & Love -- and Quilting.
It makes me smile that your oldest little man has caught the quilting bug & that you have passed it overseas.
Hugs honey.