Monday, March 9, 2015

Little Blue and the Happy Bee Day

Little Blue (Kenmore mini) and I had an outing celebrate the need for self-care!  With my arthritis, she is all I can carry in my little Walmart cooler..
.She is the same weight (11 lbs) as those little black expensive specials....:)
The "no think" work I always have with me on these occasions is shown here..
Scraps are so much more my style. I just emptied my box of 1.5 inch strips with  some red squares and I am always good to go.
 Today, I so wanted to go back to bed for a cozy sleep after the early school buses..

But, I made myself get up and go to my morning bee...It is called the "Queen Bee"!!!
Obviously a play on much more fun as Charlotte is known as the Queen city.
In the spirit of no moping, I wore my bee necklace.

 This little gem is a pin that my mother won in a game in the assisted living facility where she and her Parkinson's had lived for 12 years.
When a resident died and no relatives claimed possessions...the loot was put into a box for winnings at Bingo..or my mother's favorite, an auction...with play money they were given by the facility..
My mother "won" this lovely.  I think it is adorable and wear it on a chain.
 My bee day was already going to bee good one, I could tell.

My friend Ellen was there...She is a known artist in our community.  She was making her grandchild a super cape out of this fabric she had had on the shelf for 20 years.
I think you know where this is going...Fabric hoarder that I am, I just could not let it bee, she allowed me some of it and I took this fat eighth...
You see, poor me does not have enough fabric. Love!
 The O'Quilt family is happy to bring to you tonight a happy post!!

At this hour, this growing old lady is munching M&M's. and posting..
My dear man is stable tonight...knock on wood..and the world spins soundly


Ellen Guerrant said...

Such a lovely post, Diane. My heart was buoyed by seeing you today. I was so happy to read good news from your household.
The two super hero capes are done - with maybe a little adjusting of the closures. Even if we use a clothespin, I think the Grandbabies will love them.
And there's still some of the fabric you loved in my stash!
Love to you, dear friend.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Happy scrappy, fun buzzy bees, little blue machine, happy times and a bowl of m&ms. That's a great day!

Karen E said...

So good to see you today and catch up with everyone!

Cathy said...

M&M munchies are perfect! Love your little machine and so glad to read that your hubby is stable.

smazoochie said...

I'm so glad you & Little Blue got to get out to see your friends & play with scraps -- sometimes that's a good a medicine as a nap.
Take care of yourself.

catspec said...

A nice post for sure...I too have this Little Blue machine...and it does such a nice job on piecing and bobbin winding. I use it to wind bobbins for my other Janome made machines. :) The scrappy blocks look like what I am trying to do inspired by the 15 Minutes of Play website and book! WHAT FUN!!! :) Hugs....m