Friday, March 6, 2015

Faits Accomplis

Brown Bear, Brown today's finish....see the comfy flannel backing.
.I think that this quilt, with a copy of the book, will make a nice baby present.
. This was quite an accomplishment as it is the last of my long stored basted quilts.
Finally quilted!!..
 Voila.. the seven 12 inch blocks I have finished for Muggs' beach house quilt. 
 I am thinking that twelve blocks will be enough with lattice for a throw quilt.
Featured....the President's Day block, Christmas, Sunshine on a stormy day, birthday block, Valentines, Halloween and I do not know what else...Next up St. Paddy's Day and
My sister gave me this cool picture frame years ago...I put my own picture in it at that time.
..feeling blue that my time was gone and youth had flown...blah blah...melodrama...
That was years I keep it up to remind myself that though I was young once,
 I am still here.
With that funny...comes the update on my dear man.

Two mornings in a row, when I got up at 6 to get the children to their school buses,...
I found Mr. O'Quilt's head hung low, with pillows all over the floor.  The night before last, he called the monitor and I was up at 3 am trying to work it out myself...I ended up calling my sister to come over at 3:30 to adjust his dead weight body and support his neck.
.He is a two man lift at this stage.
Anxiety all  over the place.  She offered to stay the night...but, oh, no...
Himself would not have it. 
 He says wait until he is worse...OMG...worse??? 
 Please God let me have enough money to keep him at home. 
Crazy American health care system for catastrophic illness.


Shasta Matova said...

Love all your boats! So beautiful! {{hugs}} and prayers to you, your sister, and Mr. O'Quilt.

Karaquilts said...

I so admire all of your quilting achievements in the midst of so much trauma ~ ~ and know that it is your comfort and your strength and your prayers. Dear Muggs will LOVE her quilt ~ ~ I look forward to each new block and can only imagine how wonderful the finished project will be. I'm sure she's honored that you share these days with her so beautifully. God promises strength for each day ~ ~ and once again, you epitomize that miracle. Prayers and hugs ~ ~

smazoochie said...

You are doing what your Momma taught -- doing for others in your time of crisis. The baby quilt & Mugg's boats are charming & love-filled.
I wish I could do more than send mental hugs. You are always with me.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Wishing you smooth sailing, even when the sharks are trying to bite. I'm glad your sister is a phone call away.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Love the quilt, keep stroking the fabric, sewing the fabric and bringing joy.

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

It seems the more difficult things become the more creative you become! Thank God you have something you love to do during this time. Prayers to you and Mr O'Quilts!

Anita M said...

Beautiful boats and the story quilt too. It's funny when we look back at our young selves....yeah sure, we have aged...but lady look what we learned, see what we can do...amazing stuff. You are just as beautiful now, just in a different way. Keep on creating and gives you peace and tranquility, charges those batteries for 3.30 dramas.

Love be with you and yours.