Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cotton and Steel revisited...

With the children away...Grandma should play??.
Instead, I did nothing.  I slept and sat in my recliner by Mr.O'Quilt's bedside while he slept.  
I read a mystery and dozed off. I guess my To-Do list will still be there later.
Tonight with my little darlings asleep, I got the mojo going. 
 Cotton and Steel, you might say..
I have a girl friend who is absolutely  Cotton and Steel.
.Because of her, 
I started piecing the hopes that I can get it basted on Wednesday night.
Randomly piecing a backing is so much more fun
 than following a pattern of someone else's fabric and design.

Grateful that I have some clarity after a weekend of rest.  Voila..backing process.

The weekend update on my Dear Man.  He slept the entire weekend..
While you were sleeping Dear..your neurotic wife got online and Googled ....
 ALS  and symptoms of respiratory insufficiency.
Mr. O'Quilts has:
Orthopnoea...shortness of breath while lying down  
Dyspnoea...shortness of breath when talking or moving.
Disturbed night time sleep
Excessive daytime sleepiness
Difficulty clearing secretions
Difficulty swallowing
Inability to eat or drink through his mouth
Poor focus and concentration
Nocturia..more urination at night than in the day
A weak cough
Difficulty talking.
Almost complete paralysis as he lies in his hospital bed.
So why?? did I have to Google this?  None of this is good...none at all.
So what to do about it...absolutely nothing..that is the problem..ugh
On one of the sites there was a Caregiver helpline...It said...caregivers must accept what they cannot change...again..again and again...
He does not even have to mouth the words anymore to me...
I know them....Go Sew...


smazoochie said...

Be as strong as you can be. Rely on others for support.
It can't be easy to accept what you can't change, but what else is there. I am always thinking of you & yours.

Mary said...

I also have a habit of seeking out more information than I'm ready to receive. Glad you got some rest this weekend. Take care! I like your backing.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Good luck with the quilt. Stop Googling.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Its tricky I guess looking to google to help understand but then to find more than you want to hear. Much better to "go see" perhaps. Surely the soothing sound of the sewing machine will make hearts smile a little.