Thursday, March 26, 2015


Here is my latest UFO found buried deep deep deep...London Olympic quilt...2012
Ha ha ha...I do believe that some of our ancestors did this too.  
And, we go around trying for that perfect dating system!!
Now that the granny  block quilt is basted, I vowed to put the next WIP up on the design wall pronto.
Muggs' late and one early...gotta love them all.
My heart started thumping again...a bit...for Cotton and Steel.
I decided to work on the backing..These colors are grand.
 Just read this...
My darling says he is not in pain and not frightened.  He is just sad
He says that he is worried about me and the children and can do nothing about it....
 I am sad and worried about him, and can do nothing about it...
We accept the disease and the sadness and take care of ourselves.
I know that this is not brilliantly new news...but it does take awhile to get around the bend.
He took some morphine last night for his breathing and swallowing.
I ask how breathing and swallowing is for him...he answers...bad, bad, bad...

Moving on to ...presents...made..
Thanks to Annette at the local ALS clinic...flower  pens for teachers' presents. Annette has them all planted in a flower pot on the counter at the clinic..cheering us on..
 All from the dollar store...plastic flowers, pens, florist tape and a bit of electrical tape for the end.
The kids were thrilled to give their presents to their teachers today.
 A Lego birthday present...IKEA tray with Lego board and Gorilla glue...
wonderful to carry that special Lego project around.
 Breakfast with my girl today (2pm) and tomorrow a workshop on Youth Violence
Gotta get those CEU's...although I really do not know how I will stay awake...really...
Our update.


Sharon said...

Oh, your London quilt looks good so far! Good for you for getting going on another UFO so quickly!

Cute flowers for the teachers!

And the Lego tray is a brilliant idea!

Barb said...

what cute flower pens.
Good that you can speak honestly about things.
take care

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Love the Lego tray. The London quilt makes me smile.

Catherine said...

I am happy to see the UFO`s you are working on. The London quilt is very nice. Your Lego tray is just fabulous. I think of you every day.