Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Perfect Day to Chill

The lovely relaxing rainy day..JoAnn's fabrics has a sale today and tomorrow..25% off all and not sale...and you can also use your 50% off and 40% off one full price fabric.  Now, I only went to LOOK.
.I mean I did need to get out of the house for some respite...hmmm
I so so so loved this..I would never have paid full price...but with all the discounts, I could not walk away.

I am trying to border this quilt with
very little success.  I guess I will 
just leave it plain on the design wall 
until another idea hits me.  I am having a hard time pulling my fabric
out of the shelves.

The fabric is so tightly packed in...I really need another shelving unit!!! 
 Sewing, nodding off in my reading chair, looking through magazines!!
A perfect day.  Especially with the grands at their cousin's house.
 Here we have the saintly Uncle Declan in from Dublin for a week.  Who else would try to teach a five year old and a six year old, the names of the pieces of chess?
He is so helpful.  He learned in one minute how to put on the breathing mask,  he sits and reads in the room while Mr.O'Quilts sleeps. he walks the children to their buses in the dark with a flashlight..which they think is an awesome adventure.
The latest update on Himself is new machinery.  I just hate it when new machinery comes, because that means that my dear man is getting worse.  Now he has a Sip and Puff and he has a vest.   The vest wraps around his torso and squeezes the phlegm from deep down to be suctioned out.  It shakes his whole body and exhausts him.  He is supposed to do it twice a day separate from food....I have not watched this yet...Really, it is way too much.
Actually, just posting this makes me want to go sit by my fake fire and read again..
It is.too too much.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Your new fabric is like sunshine in a tropical garden. I wonder if it would look good as a border for your quilt. Declan is a treasure!! I wish I knew how to put comfort into words but I'm always sending hugs and thinking of you all.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm glad you are having a good day and I wouldn't have been able to come home empty handed from a fabric store either.

I'm with you, not wanting to watch the new machinery in use. I never wanted to be a nurse and would want to run the other way. I can do everything else, money management, picking up supplies, running the household, etc., just not the physical care. I hope you can keep your paid helpers and family members that are more suited to that part of what you are going through so you can manage the household and children and your sanity.

smazoochie said...

The fabric you found, well, not pure joy, but a brief respite from your ongoing gloom. I doubt you want to be, but you are a living lesson to us all: enjoy & live each day that is given to us. Some new fabric helps, too.
hugging you

earthwalker quilts said...

I am thinking like Rachaeldaisy, your new fabric could look great as a border. When it gets too too much, retreat, if only for half an hour. It will give your batteries time to re-charge. All the best to you and yours.

Karaquilts said...

I so love that the quilts keep growing beneath your skilled fingers even while your heart is torn and breaking. I'm looking at the unbordered quilt and wonder if you tried a blue or teal (I couldn't tell for sure which the color is within the quilt body) or something a little darker than the first try borders ~ ~ just a little outside input!

I'm so thankful with you for the wonderful angels that continue to lighten your load and share your journey. Hugs ~ ~