Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Serious Side

It is the time of the year...
With all the Irish hoopla around here for 37 years, one would never guess that my background is Swedish. we go...Bro-in-law O'Quilts, Declan has arrived from Dublin.  He will be staying for a week to visit my dear man. Oh, Lordy...He has not even been here a day and he has already changed light bulbs, filled bird feeders, listened to me moan, fixed a much help. Today, outside, it was 82 degrees in Charlotte..The boys skyped another brother, Kieran in nice.

 I am so worried about my  granchildren with another loss...called ALS.
So Guess what?? From an online ALS caregiver support group came this great information:

It is a non-profit company to help support children whose lives are affected by ALS.
I signed up for help for the three grandchildren who live with me.
They sent a book and three teddy bears.
We read the book last night and each child went to bed with their new teddy bear.
9 year old Evan was out and about for this picture.
 Here they are now after school, taking their new teddy bears for a ride. Nice to be 5 and 6.
I ordered this helpful book online on Amazon.
Just gotta accept and get with the program..Of course having a great support system to lift us up is worth millions and millions.
Last but not least....Look at the cute bird fat quarter the obsessed found at Hancocks!!!


Rachaeldaisy said...

It's great to see Declan there visiting and making the o'family smile. Will you be making green pancakes for St Patrick's day? Hope Loves Company is a treasure for existing and sending teddies and books. You find such fun fabrics.

smazoochie said...

Like you, those little ones have been through the ringer the last few years, but they have fewer tools for dealing -- so good that things like the support group exist for them.
Glad there are family, friends & fabric for you.

ES said...

It's great that you have family there to help out. Sometimes you just want hands on help, and it sounds like you are getting it this week!

earthwalker quilts said...

It's good to hear you are allowing others to help and reaching out for available supports for the children. Such a healthy way of living life and showing the small people that people need emotional intelligence as well as 'book smarts'. All the best to you all, from the land of Aus.