Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Gift and the Ghost

The gift:  My UFO quilting group decided to cheer me with two large and lovely Azalea bushes...and an awesome and quilty like colorful bird bath...all in memory of my dear man!!
Chuck, Beth and my Dylan did the planting..Donna and Gail did the buying..and the rest made it happen with love.
The past 22 months Mr. O'Quilts has been sick, the yard has been mostly neglected.
  This beautiful gift has given me hope that things in general could improve.
Dylan even ended up with new gardening gloves...Granddaddy would approve.
Next in order, is a bit of cleaning...
Just in case your car never was as spotless as you had hoped....
The key is.....
You must wear your bicycle helmet!!  Do not forget now...

Today, May 3rd is the year anniversary of my mother's fall from her wheelchair breaking her neck
I have not been able to think much about her with my dear man being so sick.
Today, the grief roared in..
I went to a wedding alone.without my love, I saw the love of others, I left before the wedding cake. an.awful thing,(cuz I love wedding cake!!)  I got lost on the way home and cried, I yelled at my grandson(:, I cried some more, Everything is on my nerves..and since the entire family is grieving...whoa....stay bed with us all..especially moi.. Anger is such a big part of grieving..ugh.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.


Rachaeldaisy said...

A bird bath is a beautiful gift, I know how much your dear one loved birds. Tomorrow is another day. Hugs to you.

Mary said...

Keep moving forward. Yes, there is hope. Dylan certainly looks good in his gloves!

Karen Barry said...

Sadness and stress make it hard to balance your emotions and sometimes anger will win out briefly. Time will help but in the meantime hang in and know that people are praying for you.

smazoochie said...

Ailing Mother, concussion, husband's grave diagnosis, legal guardianship, Mother's death, husband's rapidly failing health, husband's death.
All in all, I think you are doing pretty. I suspect that getting by, moment by moment, is the best you can do.
The birdbath is beautiful. And I think I may start wearing a helmet, too!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

The garden looks good with the plants and birdbath.
Don't be so hard on yourself, you are doing so well looking after your grandchildren.