Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Emotional Kingda Ka

A very very tough weekend for me.
But, on their own...helpers came...throwing off high heels for the real deal.
 It between the emotions, I made a few more blocks with my dear man's shirts.

Here is one of the seam rippers he used to make for me in his wood working shop.
 With need for a distracting purpose, I grabbed my drawer of 2.5 inch strips..and made easy four patches.
Soothing..No dent at all in the stash.
With my fabric links back in place...I noticed..of course I did...
Equilter having a 4th special with free shipping...
OMG...they have the worst shipping prices..
 Since my sister was hospitalized,
I decided that being a fabric junky was better than any other kind of junky...
I ordered...An hour or so of relaxation while everyone was sleeping...

My dear man forgive me..since it is our first July 4th without each other.
Not that fabric fixes it...but relaxation is better than hysterics.
Everyone is on vacation this weekend.  I do not blame them.
 Drenna, I love you forever for including Evan  in your big family celebration..
 Thinking of me during this so tough time with my sister in the hospital...and  all. quite your heaven!!
My sister is now out of the hospital.  This week she has to go to the gastro guy and swallow a little camera..
This week I should hear if my Melanoma is gone.
This week I have a special visitor...I have not seen in 20 some excited.
Our very own Byrd!!


ES said...

Who can pass up free shipping?!! Not me! And you managed some more sewing, so thats good. I love that you get help doing the dishwasher! My two like to help me hang up laundry, which is just great, it saves me from having to bend down!! haha. :)

Holee said...

I love the shirt blocks. I'd make myself a big soft body pillow so when I needed to talk to him or have him near I'd go to my room and have that peaceful moment hugging my pillow.

The kids are so cute and helpful. Just that they help at such an early age is great. You have a lot on your table and I think you are handling it great. You are a lot stronger then you think you are!

smazoochie said...

I love that you are adding yourself into the blocks with your Fintan's shirts -- and done with your wonderful style.
Those little ones have been through it all, but are turning into such good, fine people. That's all YOU, you know!
You & yours are in my heart as you wait for news.

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

smazoochie above said exactly what I want to say if I had found the words.

Courtney said...

A fabric junky is the best kind of junky! I love the block with the seam rippers; such a perfect match. And how sweet your little helpers are. I will be saying lots of prayers that you have only good news this week. Thanks for keeping us posted!