Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gifting and the Grief

The lawn cutter's daughter's doll quilt is finished.
. Here...preparation..
Here... done..with a "Frozen" backing...

Tuesday, 8:30 am....15 weeks a widow.
 I hate Tuesdays.
 Approaching four months when folks tend to think you should be getting better..
In reality, you are no longer in shock and you are just starting to grieve...feeling worse.

To Those Who Mourn
By CE Leadbeater

For that is the real truth
Man is a soul and has a body.
The body is not the man
It is only the clothing of the man.

What you call death is the laying aside
Of a worn out garment.
and it is no more the end of the man
than it is the end of you
when you remove your coat.

Therefore, you have not lost your friend;
You have only lost sight of the cloak
in which you were accustomed to see him.

The cloak is gone
but the man who wore it is not;
Surely it is the man that you love
and not the garment.

My daughter-in-law came to visit her children.  They do not understand much about all this.
They are so young.
 She came with big smiles, all tanned from a beach weekend.
They do not understand why she did not take them.
They are trying to understand.
They have stopped crying on the outside for her.
They grieve silently.
I grieve too.

Sometimes it is a hard luck life.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh, dear woman, such a touching post. I think of these sad parallels between their life and losses and yours and it us too much. Your grief,like theirs, will last your lifetimes. But all of your ability to bear it will grow and therefore, in time it will ease..Bit by bit. Never gone, always close to your heart, but not this hideous pain you feel now.Hugs hugs hugs.

Dora, the Quilter said...

Oh, so true! So many people have had little personal experience with grief.

I realized when I saw this doll quilt that it was in the midst of intense grief that I began making so many prayer quilts. Quilting does work wonders for a sad heart.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

There is no set time for you to "get over" it......you will never get over losing the love of your life....yes, in time maybe the pain will ease a bit but you must take this journey on your own terms and not the terms of those who are not on the journey with you. My prayers are with you.....you are loved.

Karaquilts said...

I hope that when you write and post these beautiful tributes from your pain, you realize that each of us who read it walk alongside you and your precious grans. It is hard to know just how to share our affection and admiration in a few simple comments, but we feel deeply for and with you. It is an honor to know and walk with you on this leg of life's journey. Blessings and hugs and smiles through the tears ~ ~