Friday, July 31, 2015

Happiness Is.....

An awesome package from Texas for the kiddos...xxoo Thank you Laurel!!
 Making blocks from my dear man's shirts. 
He always looked so handsome in this plaid shirt.
When I told my mother that Mr.O'Quilts got more handsome every day,
she said...
.Love is blind... MILs a bad name!!!! 
 And pulling some fabric for a WIP
For me the whole purpose of the fabric choices for this group quilt
 was working with shot cotton.
Starching it helps, so wobbly..but so worth it.
Looks like my funky yellow is all missing in action.:)
I am still searching the stash for it.

As the story goes....
Yitshak Perlman was about to perform when he broke a string.
The orchestra went on without him.
Soon, he played to great applause on the three strings left..
When questioned as to how he did it...He replied,

"My task is to make music with what remains".
Julie Ciscero adds
Complete the song left for us to sing
Transcend the loss
Play it out with heart and soul and might
With all the remaining strength within us.

Thank you all for the comments and emails and continued support as I carry on
without my love.


Rachaeldaisy said...

That looks like a super fun package from Laurel! I'm loving that purple and red border!! Making music with what remains is such an inspiring message.

Carol said...

Looks like a very happy face on that cute boy! I'm so sorry for the loss of your love. It's a great idea to make a quilt from the shirts of your husband...such sweet comfort and memories it will give you.

smazoochie said...

What a beautiful idea, making music with what remains. Something to aspire to. I'm not musical, I guess my music is quilt-making & I guess I do make quilts with what remains. Just like you with your blocks made with Mr. O'Quilts' shirts. Savor each stitch & memory.

Holee said...

I'm struggling with a broken keyboard I spilled tea on, but I'll try to type this out while I'm thinking about it. It came to me that I'd love to see you make a quilt out of Mr.'s shirts and your shirts. It just doesn't seem right for his shirts to be so lone. He needs you to celebrate the quilt with him as he would say, "Go sew". It's time for me to put away the Oreo's and get something done today!

Debbie said...

your quilts are especially beautiful, especially special. this is my first visit here and it sounds like you are missing someone very near and dear to your heart. i hope "his" quilt brings you comfort and maybe even a little joy!!!