Saturday, July 11, 2015

My day of serenity..and sleep

Who I have a question...????
Nothing needed here for interpretation!!!!
My cat tin says it all...and with a smile!!
 This picture I have had since undergrad years...I save everything:).
.I thought it looked like my grandmother who helped raise me....
A few years back.I finally made it into a bag using the screen from the screened in porch, other mesh and clear vinyl from Walmart. it reminds me of myself...Lord help me!!
.Had a great day.
Just turned the phone to texting only to weed out the drama  Sigh...
My five year old grand...had a wild day Friday at camp in all the sun and fun.
After a great sleep, he woke up quite himself....
 and was thrilled to spend the day at Auntie Charmaine's house.
Thank you dear sister...I know you are not well...but you are the best in my book.
You knew I had made plans this weekend for much needed widow respite...and you came to the rescue..again...again..and again...I am blessed with a sister I can always count on...
.I owe you both lunch and fabric from Faust when we go.....yes!!!!

I am relaxing by sleeping and working on 100 projects at once. I found these orphan blocks in some random bag and could not resist putting some together.
I cannot seem to make my thank you presents nor can I seem to write my thank you notes.
But I can sew random things.

Grief brings with it such fatigue and sleeplessness...trying to rise above it all. win this week's good friend award!!  Thank you for helping me wrap my head around which  beds to get for Evan's new room and all the tutoring that help him soar.
 Now I just need to find a way to get to IKEA for the beds.
Thank you to Em and Bri for painting his new room in spite of all the chaos..
After a wonderful marriage of 37 years..I now find myself having to do both sides of
 the household work load .....some for sure not in my skill set!
All while I miss him so...
Crazy brings back the dizziness of the concussion...
 Marie sent Doyle to fix the freezer.and my sewing chair...
My cup runneth over.with friends.
It gets me through the sad times.

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smazoochie said...

It makes me so happy to see you randomly sewing blocks, getting some rest. And the love & support that surrounds you is so amazing.
Peace be with you all.