Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Life as a Quilty Hoarder and other Personal Stories

So be it....

Today's First good story at O'Quilts

My Melanoma story...or as my world turns.  How it started:
Dylan went by ambulance to the ER from Urgent Care with his bee sting.
I took pictures of Dylan  looking so cute on the stretcher.
I had a very large cyst on my back right where I could not see it.
My sister took a picture with my phone of the cyst so I could admire it.
The last day of school, I was showing the school nurse the adorable pictures of Dylan on the stretcher.
She scrolled too far on the phone photos and saw the gory picture of the cyst on my back.
Oh, no..she cried...that is Mersa..You have to go to the dermo..pronto.
She scared me to death, so I made the appt the next day.
Dermo guy took off the cyst and the new black mark on my shoulder for the lab.
The cyst came back as nothing and the new black mark came back Melanoma.
Happenstance is the motto of this story...and, of course good luck.

Today, the lab called...I am cancer more bad boy Melanoma.
Celebration means Fabric...!!!
And dear sweet Cousin Ann sent me a wonderful gift cert to
I think I will save that one until I am very very very depressed.
I love you Cousin Ann!!!

Second good story at O'Quilts

My friend Byrd came to visit yesterday. I have not seen her in 21 years or so.
We had lunch and then she came to see my quilts. We were in quilting groups together in Miami.
A lovely time..just lovely.
She brought me her fabric and thread scraps.
I love you Byrd!

I am trying to decide my purpose today.  I have a few hours free.
Idle hands are the work of the devil...guess that is it cuz all I want to do is to sit in my recliner and read quilting magazines and doze off...Should I yield to temptation or should I not???


Ellen Guerrant said...

So very, very happy for your good news, Diane. Sew on!!!!


Karen E said...

Woohoo!!!!!!! Great news, great stories.

smazoochie said...

YAY!!!! Good news at the O'Quilts!
And YAY! Old friends & FABRIC!
Many hugs & kisses to you & yours!

Courtney said...

Hooray! GOod day! I hope you got that snooze, it sounds divine

Karaquilts said...

Well, that is just plain great news about your melanoma experience. I am sooo glad for you to have some good news at this moment.

As for dozing with quilt magazines, sometimes dreaming about quilting is just right. That's where the next great idea flits into your mind and spurs your fingers back to the fabric and rotary cutter and thread. Quiet moments are an important part of quilting for me.

big hug, dear one.