Friday, July 24, 2015

The Faust Groupies

We fabric addicts struck gold at Faust Thursday..10 women searching for the best...
So exhausted and ready for lunch...what better way to spend a day.
 Treasure hunting at $2.50 a pound.
Faust is a wholesale fabric store in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.
Look at some of the loot that came from that pile...ha much fun.
Also got Insul-Brite and 505 spray basting for 50% off...

Need has nothing to do with desire....Unfortunately money does!!!!
The Juki......hmmmm
Juki review by Crafty Gemini

Evan is such a 10 years old we can hang out together.
 Last night we watched the coverage of Hurricane Andrew from 1992.
  Mr.O'Quilts and our family lived through the storm, lying in the hallway, covered with a mattress.
Our house was 5 minutes from the National Hurricane Center where this video came from..
Lucky us survived with only broken windows and missing trees.
Emily was sorting through the VHS tapes when we came upon this one..
The three of them are growing up....I love them so.
Pumpkin misses my dear man too...We have decided to sew together!!!
Himself would have been pleased.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Love it all! You are all so blessed to have one another!

Mary said...

I've never heard of fabric being sold by the pound. What a neat outing for a fabric lover. Take care!

smazoochie said...

Weather memory is short, people forget how bad a hurricane can be. So good you and your Young Man are sharing things, enjoying things together.
This Faust! Where is it? I will be right over!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh wow!! Look at those piles of fabric, and the treasures you found. It's like a big lucky dip! I can't even imagine how frightening it would be to be in a hurricane. Such a lovely photo of the 3 of them. Their smiles would add sunshine to your days.