Saturday, December 26, 2009

Casserole Cover tutorial

The PDF for this tutorial is here:  I drew it onto brown paper and then made a muslin copy.  The muslin is so much easier to use as a pattern. The changes I made were...add 1/2 inch or 5/8 of an inch around the whole thing for seam allowances.   I put Insul-Brite inside which keeps the food warm longer and did not use batting.  I did not use pre-quilted fabric.  In fact, I did not quilt mine at all.  I had the local hardware store cut the wooden handles for me.  There are other tutorials without the wooden handles, but I love these..they are handy and nice. I made it last year and have used it with great joy ever since.  I covered a flaw in my sewing with the rick-rac...which I now love.  I put the fabric right sides together with the Insul-Brite and sewed around.  The first few times, I left the half circles open and covered the stitching with ric rac.  This last time, I left one of the flaps open (sewing first one inch in on each side of one flap).  I think that I like this better. I zigzagged around the entire thing close to the seam and trimmed close to the zigzaz.  I then, turned it, pressed it well and top stitched around the entire thing except the circles. I took my seam ripper and opened the circle ends for the dowels.  Then did a decorative stitch to secure that part around the circle so it would not unravel with use. I added a 1" by 6.5" Velcro strip to both ends of the flap.  Play around with this pattern to your own likeing. It is very sturdy with the handles and I have carried heavy casseroles in it.


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