Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

Tonight I am blogging for the first time without a picture. I am sick with asthmatic bronchitis which is cramping my style. However, that did not stop me from hiring a friend to put new lights into my quilting room. OMG..I did it because I thought/knew I had old eyes...but I realize now that I have been working with very poor lighting. The new ones are not the charming antiques that I have on the wall, instead they are ceiling lights with dimmers. And it is a whole new world now in my quilting room..A whole new beginning and quite appropriate I think for the start of the New Year. So now, on my antibiotic and my cough meds and my extra inhaler...I will definately be getting better and braver so I can photo my room in the best of shape and in the worst of shape to show the world in a whole new light. I feel an excitement about the New Year. Happy, peaceful, creative New Year to all.

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