Sunday, April 11, 2010

Solids of Forever

Well as you know, I have fabric collected for about 50 years...OMG ...just cannot part with the dear things. These solids are 25 years old from Mae's Discount Fabric wearhouse in Miami...long defunct! My sister also had the solids and she is not as bad as I am for keeping things. She gave her solids to me to give to our guild. Instead, I gave them to my own solids drawer(: Just couldn't give them away. So finally, I decided to make a series of quilts with solids to use them up. Point!!! There is no such thing as using things up..more scraps are made. When you keep fabric this long, especially in Miami, there are fade lines on the folds. So I had to make string quilts to avoid all that. The blue one is not quite finished yet, but I was eager to do the post. I never use solids, but I got so into these that I actually bought a few extra Kona and Wendover solids at the Hancock Fabric sale to use in future quilts....the fabric-holic keeps on going.


SandyQuilts said...

oh oh oh I LOVE LOVE the solids. I would have kept them too, alas, my sister doesn't sew, quilt or anything. shoot.

Tonya Ricucci said...

beautiful quilts! I'm hooked on solids too at the moment - they are so timeless.