Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vintage 40's Yellow and White Irish Chain

I fell in love with this quilt. It was in perfect condition and it was sooo soft. But, the real reason I loved it was because of Terry, age 82 who made this quilt in 1945. It was in an antique store in Phoenix, Arizona. I had gone home to visit my family just before we moved from Miami to Charlotte 16 years ago. While there, I popped into that store and saw it. I do not know what came over me but I tried to bargain the store owner down from $80 and she wouldn't budge. I flew back home without it. It was very stupid of me. Once home, all I could think of was Terry up in heaven wondering what value would I put on her work, especially when she had been so proud of it, that she embroidered her name and the date on it. Now it was lonely without family in an antique store. Boy did this quilt addict do a number on herself!! Lucky for me, my brother -in-law at the time was going back to Phoenix to see his parents. He agreed to go back to the store for me to see if it was still there. I just know that this quilt was meant to be with me. It has some wear on it now as we have used it on our bed on and off. Terry's quilt is now part of our family in Charlotte, North Carolina!!

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Patchwork Daily Desire said...

Lovely! Good for you! I'm in love with Irish Chain Quilts!!