Monday, February 7, 2011

Casserole tote mistake

On Saturday  we had a sit and sew...We were all making these casserole carriers and I was the only one who had made one.  Problem was that I had been busy and last minute-y and got together too many tutorials..grrr. So we had to draft a pattern, etc and I made mistakes which meant that everyone made the same mistakes.  So, even though I am usually not a TV person, tonight I decided to make another one of these to perfect the tutorial.  TV helped me focus.  So in between the evening news, House and Harry's Law....I made this.  Wednesday night I will share the ones that we made on Saturday and I will make corrections to the tutorial on my blog here.  Suffice it to say that tonight went much faster and easier.  I only used Insul-Brite and no other batting and I left an end open for turning instead of the circle.  

Still...a late night mistake......Because the fabric was one way, the opposite side shows upside down tea pots!
Good night mistake...Good night casserole tote...

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