Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ruth and fabric save the day!!

I came home from my retreat a day early because all of a sudden fatigue came over me and all my bones and muscles hurt and I just wanted to be home in my own bed next to my honey.  Thank goodness I was only 45 minutes away.  I was a bit down because everyone else seemed to have more energy than I did, etc, etc. Poor me!! But I was grateful to be home.  And then, what was awaiting me on the table???   Fabric from Ruth.  My husband had opened it and spread it all nicely on the table just as if he were a quilter himself!!  A lovely note, and even some fabric right from Japan.  Ruth you are awesome!!  Thank you so much.


Teresa said...

Hi Diane,
I enjoyed getting to know you this weekend at retreat and seeing your lovely quilts. Would you believe I took a camera to the retreat and only took one picture!! Hope to see you again sometime.

Ruth said...

I could not think of anyone else to give my japanese fabric too!