Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bag and a half tells a story

My mind is always thinking...never ever still...it thinks when I am awake and it thinks when I am asleep.  The latest thoughts are about my cluttered house and who wants my things when I die.  Who would appreciate every little detail of memories that I have of my life...well the answer is no one...of course.  So I decided to start using some of these things I find around.  I just finished making a bag and a half with some things I have memories of...First of all the fuzzy navy-ish fabric from Andy's house/garage sale.  Then the cool batik flannel I found today at Hancock's 50% off sale, the red stripe trim from a shirt I had bought in Guatemala years ago...a patch I found  from my son's jeans.  Those horrid jeans that hung way below his bottom and looked way too big for him.  One holiday he bought some with his money and they were way expensive and very ugly.  Me, the saver, saved the pocket.  Here it is now on my new bag and a half!!

 I know that these pictures do not do this bag justice.  But I was just so excited to finish it tonight that I took inside at night pictures.  Below is the bag and a half that I have been using forever.  I love it, it carries everything.  The Bag and a Half  was introduced to us by Patti Bethune right here in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She tells me that it is a twist on an old bag used to carry quilts for hand quilting.  Her kids loved them at college to carry their laundry...so many uses for this wonderful bag.

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