Friday, December 16, 2011

Pet food bags

I had no idea how popular these bags would be...They are really sturdy...Yesterday I took my poor old Milito for shots and had one for the vet for a Christmas present...Lordy, was he over the moon with it.  I can understand the vet...but...others?  Well, I do get attention when I go into Aldi's with these bags for carry out.

First, I take the bags outside, squirt dish washing soap inside and wash out with a brush.  I turn them upside down to dry.  Then I smooth them on the rotary cutter board and slice 2.5 inches twice for the handles.  I try to position the animal in a good spot.  Then proceed like any bag without lining, using a zigzag stitch most places for strength.  When finished, I usually wipe the bags again inside with the sanitizing wipes.  The bags that are lined with paper are not good for this project.


http://thankfullga447 said...

The bags are adorable, my friend in Switzerland makes bags out of coffee bean packages.

Ned Polian said...

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