Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ramblings from the South!!....

FYI  Charlotte, North Carolina is in the South....!!  The South...and we are now snowed in.  They have called out the National Guard.
 We thought we were ready...but the firewood man sold us new wood which will not burn.  
 The screened in porch????
 Knock on wood, the ice storm is coming on top of the snow.  We are sort of ready...grateful for our electricity..for now..
 My husband's five relatives were set on a three day visit to see him.  From Ireland to Tampa to see one brother, they arrived yesterday in the middle of the of the few flights into Charlotte.  Driving to the hotel was so frightening, that they just could not venture out again.  So close, and yet so far.  TBTG the hotel suggested its favorite van taxi service and TBTG he was brave and strong and true.  Navigating the storm, he not only got them here for a visit, but came back to get them.  Joy!  More snow today keeps them at the hotel.    I, of course have my priorities excited with my presents..Irish dish towels...

 ....and fat quarter treats....:)
 The new handicap bathroom is almost complete.  

New chair lift for $3000....but oh, so worth it.
The children went off with the best of the best to play in the snow with their kids...Life is good.
  Dishes done, laundry done, Irish soda bread baked....all cozy so far, snowed in in Charlotte.


Rachaeldaisy said...

I hope you're okay in the snow storm and ice storms. It's great the irish clan were able to get to visit , they'll help make it a fun time. The bathroom looks wonderful!! I bet that irish soda bread is so delicious!!

Courtney said...

Hmm, soda bread - now I'm going to have to make that! I do like mine with currants and I don't think I have any, so maybe a new way. Enjoy the Irish lovelies and stay warm. The power better stay on!