Sunday, April 13, 2014

Being Green

Aunt Emily brought these bean seeds from the farm bed and breakfast in Asheville..
Today they were planted in the little pots.
Then the fun began...weeding and preparing the plot for bean planting...Oh, my how much fun was this..."He is weeding my corner, it is too hot, I do not like this Grandma!!!, etc"  But they got it done and this will be our bean garden:)  LOL
 My design wall is in Mr.O'Quilt's new bedroom.  So I found some old green flannel and just made me a new one...for now...Friends are having babies so I want to start geting ready.
 Here we have the next stage of the Brown Bear baby quilt.
Sewing always makes a day better.


Rachaeldaisy said...

You are having a green day! From beans to a green design wall to beautiful green fabrics in your bear quilt. I laughed at what the children were saying.

Sharon said...

Rachael has it a right! A "green" day!

The kids are funny. But I hope they'll enjoy being bean farmers, and I hope that will encourage them to eat their beans too!

Love your Brown Bear quilt start!

Karen at Birdsong Cabin said...

Love the mew quilt!