Thursday, April 10, 2014

Strong Women Shore me up

Friends....... What would I do without you?????
  Today came Rosie the Riveter  Sherry with her tools to secure Marni's wheelchair ramps to our doorway.  She brought her riveting tools and fixed away!!!  Thank you Sherry!!
                                                   And then came, Nancy, the gardener...!!
 She and my girl planted the garden today.  Weeding and planting and enjoying the lovely Carolina day, while my arthritis and I sat in a chair and visited with them all.  Thank you Nancy!!!  Thank you Emily!!!
 I had just been to Aldi and splurged on two $7 plants...Tri-color pimento peppers and a big old tomato plant...huge they are...(Nancy and Emily were more practical with their plant contributions).
 Bargain napkins at Aldi too...Pattern.reminding me of the sewing I have not been able to do in weeks...Missing it sew.
 I really want to create, but I cannot concentrate.  I kinda just walk around in a daze.  Tonight I made myself put lattice on these blocks.  I really like Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  I think a Brown Bear quilt gifted with the book makes a sweet present.  At least I started at the machine again.
Grateful, grateful, grateful me!!!


Rachaeldaisy said...

It's fun seeing your friends come over to help around the house, fixing and gardening. I bet you entertain them with funny comments. Those serviettes are the colours of spring. Happy brown bear quilt sewing!

smazoochie said...

And the small, blond Strong Woman, she's had quite a year too.
For all the hardships that have entered your home, you truly are blessed.

Michele Bilyeu said...

oh what lovely, lovely, friends! And with this kind of friendship, love, and support..yes, you can do this. You may bawl your eyes out from time to time, but yes, you can. hugs hugs

MariQuilts said...

There's nothing like good friends!!