Sunday, June 5, 2016

Here we go again...oh...Rantadiddle, Rant, Get it going Girl..

Terrible pictures so sorry...the bad pix are the bad day..ugh.!!
Bag made for a birthday party for one of Lynsey's friends.
It is hard to find things with names on them when you have an unusual name.
 Lynsey picked the fabric
 The inside fabric is a pale green fly fabric...I made the pocket from this cute fussy cut.
 Six year old Dylan's first ever outing with a friend.  They went to Carowinds and had a great time.
And so it goes...and now...
The rant:
My surgery is scheduled for Monday, June 13.
I became so frightened of doing it without my dear man, that I got bronchitis from the stress.
Jeeze Louize...
Here I sit, head  under the pillow..not handling things well.

The children were so happy to see Daddy.He always gives them 100% playtime..
Now they are worried and distraught because he fell and hurt himself at the park..
Lynsey asked me yesterday if I could die from my bronchitis..
They are still fragile.
Grief doesn't end.


smazoochie said...

My dear.
I know you feel alone, but you aren't.
Sending love.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Through it all, you continue to do for others. Such love you give. You are truly a special and wonderful woman, Diane! Love you muchly.


Sharon said...

Please take care of yourself! I hope your bronchitis improves soon. And I hope your surgery will happen and go well.

You are doing so much for your grands! They know you love them, and that's the really important part!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Thinking of you and your surgery next week, waiting is the worst worry ever. Your grand children are delightful and you are amazing. We had our two for the weekend and we are shattered and younger than you. I love the personalised projects you make.