Friday, June 10, 2016

The Lessons

Age seven...Lynsey's first sewing lesson.
She is soooo thrilled.
She is especially thrilled because she thinks that her brother,
Evan only started learning at age 8.
And she thinks her brother, Dylan will not learn until age 9.
Two lessons, in sewing and one in giving back.
This is a "thank you " present. It is a bag to hold grocery bags.

This Monday morning, 5:30 arrival, 9:00 surgery...and I should have a new knee...
God willing!!
When I fear for my Monday morning surgery,
I forget the rest of the world and what they go through.
Beth does a great job here as she fosters her volunteer program.


ES said...

Good luck for your operation, we have a public holiday on Monday for the Queens birthday:)

Mary said...

I hope your surgery goes well. Knee replacements can work miraculous changes in your quality of life.

Karaquilts said...

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Especially come Monday morning. I can't wait to hear the "after" thoughts and feelings. Let the meds do their job and keep you on top of the recovery pain and therapy. You will be soaring with relief!!! :)

m. said...

Don't know how I've missed this post. Your grands are very blessed to have you in their lives. How good of you to teach them to sew...and to give to others! Have been thinking of you all week as you anticipate surgery on Monday. Praying that you feel peace the rest of this weekend, and that surgery goes well, and that you have a speedy and thorough recovery/rehab!

myrtovl said...

I'm sure everything will go well and I wish you quick recovery!

beth said...

Your surgery is over now - I hope it went well and will pray for a speedy recovery!

What a sweet picture of you and Lynsey. She is a very fortunate little girl to have you for a grandmother.

Thanks for sharing that post and for all your encouragement. Whenever I am tempted to fear or self-pity, I think of these amazing resilient women and just want to press on, teaching and loving. And I think of how you press on with those precious grands in the midst of so many hard times and challenges!

Holee said...

I'm here cheering you on Diane! Maybe you just can't hear me right now but I'm wearing my knee cheering tutu and shaking my pom pom's....We're strong gals...and this knee thing will make you better to raise these beautiful kids!