Sunday, October 7, 2018

On the Home Front and more

Now that our internet is back can see I have been to London for the Olympics..
Oh. the truth reveals itself....2012
This UFO is SIX years behind..but finished now!!!!
Terrible pix, but I was so eager to show you how quickly I can finish a piece,
when I really, really put my mind to it!!!!
 The back....Thanks Marie for the extra fabric.

In the mail from wonderful Mimi de Idaho...came finished blocks 
from someone's T-shirts for a holiday quilt. 
( cannot say who...cuz Who.. is quite snoopy)!!
Can you imagine...from across the country, a kind quilting heart
Thank you Mimi!!

 On the home front
Dylan helping his father re-attach cables to the battery.
Daddy stalled out on the way to work the other day.
Dylan loves cars too...and is a marvelous helper.
The leaky sink being fixed by my dear son.
The only reason I am showing this uncompromising picture
is so I can brag on my son...It is about time  I get to do this.

My bro and his wife came by a few weeks back.
They had driven to Florida from New Jersey to renew his
driver's license...sure enough...he showed me an 8 year renewal
with a gold star...amazing., just amazing what a bit of persistence can do.

Look who I discovered today, on Blueprint.
Fascinating quilter.
Sylvia Shaeffer

Cancelled my Pepper Cory workshop due to
old lady fatigue...
Sleeping was so worth it..

1.  I found my phone....Really, that took forever.
2.  I figured out the sound on my computer...the speaker was turned off.
Really??? That took forever.
3.  I learned about Sylvia Shaeffer and I learned that one must put
Parenthesis in the search engine for find what you want.
Really??? That too, took forever.
Age is so upon me!!

I  have  lovely books to read, thanks to Carol and Deb.
Finished already, Beyond the Pale...great!!

Friday fun....Grandma has one swollen leg, twice the size of the other.
All day in the ER blood clots, Cellulitis the other leg!!!

Happy news:
I was thrilled to be able to put my son on the emergency contact list.
The doctor was charming, oral antibiotics only
ER totally full for Friday night as I left...Lucky, lucky me.

Anne Lamott  has taught me how to pray
The easy prayer is  just to say:
Thank you , Thank you , Thank you.
It works and brings me joy.
She also coined the phrase, "Grief is like narcolepsy"
Amen to that  one!!

I could not resist sharing Dylan doing his reading homework in my sewing room!!!!

A  peaceful, lazy old lady day today...with
Children happy they went to the school Friday night Fall Festival with their daddy.
Children happy to go with all of us to meet up with  my Peeps for breakfast Saturday.
My son playing Big Bad Wolf with his children, playing Barbie with Lynsey, making Cake Pops with Lynsey, taking Evan to breakfast and in general taking care of me...xoxo

I am one delighted grandma this weekend.


livelymonkey said...

Such a happy girl you are! Diane I am thrilled for all that your son is well. And what a sweetheart .... wonderful. Sorry you’re having to visit the ER ... again.... but at least it’s fixable.
Keep the happy coming.... it’s long overdue and no one deserves it more than you. 👰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Karaquilts said...

Such a treat to read this post ~ ~ 6 years for a UFO!! Well, I have one that certainly equals that ~ ~ or maybe two ~ ~ or ~ ~ ~ I think tis the nature of our craft. I hate to put something down before it is done because who knows when I will touch it again!!!!

Thankful with you for the blessing of your son and his continued improvement.

Now to get that leg well again. Sigh. That's a serious let down, but I do like your friend and her good counsel. Kudos Anne Lamont :) and Kudos to you too, Diane :):)

Cathy Cartledge said...

Oh, this makes me happy. So happy to see you son living life and being part of his family. Tell him I said "Hello" and give him a hug for me, Julian's momma. Do I sense PEACE in you home and heart? I hope so. Take care of your leg and the rest of you.
Thanks for sharing.

Bridget said...

I'm smiling. Great weekend for you!

Mystic Quilter said...

I am so happy to read this post from you Diane, things seem to be working out - apart from your cellulitis - but you are in good hands with your son and three grand-children, get better soon!

Kaja said...

Well, I'm sorry that your leg is bad, but very pleased that you have your son (and the grands) looking after you and that you are happy. I went to London in 2012 for the Olympics too - had we but known!

cocoya said...
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