Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Antique Red English Log Cabin

I bought this quilt about 26 years ago at an antique show in Miami, Florida from two antique dealers from England. They said that the quilt was from Bath, England but that they did not know anything else about it. I knew it was a treasure immediately with the embroidered dates on the hearts. I do not know the significance of the four crosses. First I thought it was a funeral quilt with the dates and crosses but the color red put me off. So it is still a puzzle for me. Any input would be wonderful. The chintz is lovely. Unfortunately with the adoption of my two children about that time, my antique quilt collection was put on hold. I mean...children are quite expensive to raise and life got quite busy, so the quilt has not had the wonderful care I should have given it. I see now that one of the nine's on the heart is coming out which wasnt there before. It is still in wonderful condition considering.As I notice anew the fabrics in this quilt, some are being reproduced now as modern fabrics as there seems to be nothing new under the sun as things are cycled around again. I hope you enjoy seeing this quilt as much as I do. The quilt is quite large and needs two people to hold it for a picture. When I get ahold of those two people, I will post another picture.

Everything about this quilt is hand done...This is the binding with the loose weave backing. There is no batting in the quilt. You can see the borders are different with the bottom having baby blocks and the sides having one patches. Stars are appliqued along the border.

I am very excited to show you this post. The pictures may not be the best because I still have a broken arm, but I could not wait and the sun is shining in Charlotte...Carolina blue so I got up my motivation. It is one of the dearest quilts in my collection as it is so unusual and such a puzzle.


Sandra said...

Have you been able to find out any information about this quilt (summer spread-coverlet)? It does appear to be some sort of memorial quilt -like the kentucky coffin quilt?

Lynn said...

What a wonderful quilt. Thanks for sharing your treasure.

KarenQuilt said...

Diane, since you were told it is from Bath, England, my first thought is to post a note on the British Quilt History List to ask those readers come visit your blog and see this quilt. My first thought is seeing the crosses on the red was that it might have a "liturgical" association with the Church calendar of the Church of England. I can see why you love this quilt! It is most unusual.