Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Antique Alabama Spiderweb

Now this quilt comes from the barn in Greenville, Alabama where Aunt Carl kept some of her old things. She said that her grandmother made it but I do not know how that could be. I think that this quilt is from the 30's/40's from the coloring and style and Aunt Carl is about 85. So I think maybe her mother made it...but then I do not really know cause her mother died when Aunt Carl was only a teenager and I have never been that good in math. I only know for sure that when I went to Greenville to visit, I found it in her barn with a few other treats and she said I could have it. It is all hand pieced and hand quilted. It is a very cozy quilt.


Ruth said...
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Ruth said...

This quilt is awesome!!!! I need to try another spiderweb block!!!