Saturday, February 13, 2010

Going Green/ My Bento Box

Inspite of my broken arm and because of the Bento Box is finished. My challenge as usual was fabric. Now, I struggle using the new and I want to use up the old...the ageless problem for me. But, 2010 brings a changed plan for my life and it is to use the fabric I love. So, I just purchased the yellow jacks and the orange butterflies..and I used brave I am. Then those 20 some year old browns that I had been threatening myself to donate to one really wanted the old things...came in perfectly handy for my border to tone down the brightness of the green/yellow and orange. I "borrowed" the green spots on brown from my daughter Emily...and voila...a new quilt. Great thanks to Ruth Ingram from, who brought hers to share on a visit and to film in the fridge for the tutorial. Jean took the measurements from this tutorial and tweeked them for us to match the Moda Bake shop precuts for folks who do not like to cut.

1. The middle block is 5" like a charm from the charm pack.
2. The first ring is 1.5 inches like a honey bun.
3. The second ring is 2.5 inches like a jelly roll.
4. The 3rd ring is 1.5 inches like a honey bun.
5. The 4th ring is 2.5 inches like a jelly roll.

I sized my blocks to 16 inches before sewing them together.

Ruth...notice the little bit of turquoise that we got at JoAnn's fabric store?


Ruth said...

I love your bento box quilt Diane!! And I hope your arm is feeling better!!!!!!

Shasta said...

This is beautiful. You have so many beautiful quilts on your blog.