Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Antique Strippy Quilt from Oklahoma City

When I was working with the airlines 20 some years ago, I had a trip to Oklahoma City. Now, Pan Am and Delta had just merged and although I had travelled all around the world, I had never been to Oklahoma City. I was sooo excited. Usually we stayed in a downtown hotel, per union contract, so we would have access to tourist things without a car. Oklahoma City was different. We were on the outskirts and there was no car. Well, I was so disappointed and when I expressed that (whining) to the hotel clerks, they both said..well you can just use my car. No one in Miami where I lived would ever have offer their car to a stranger. I just was dumbfounded. But, I took them up on it, and they mapped out antique stores for my heart's content. It was a wonderful day. I bought this quilt then. It is a turn of the last century top, evidently sandwiched later with a purple plaid on the back. It is tied with postal string every two inches. I really love looking at this quilt and all the old vintage fabric. It is unusual in how it is set with the Ohio Star blocks in the center framed with Album blocks (unsigned). I treasure the look of this quilt and also the memory behind it. On my next trip to Oklahoma City, I brought the clerks big Florida avocados from the tree in my backyard. They were so big that the staff thought they were giant zucchini!

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Beth said...

You have the BEST stories!!! And postal string, will our kids ever know what postal string is?