Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random baby quilts I made

The above quilt I just finished from scraps from the pink Trip Around the World from an earlier post. I machine quilted it with my favorite stitch of all...the wiggle stitch...I can hum along at a fast clip while designing in my head my next project....sooo relaxing. It is a cuddle quilt for the guild. My New Year's plan is to make one donation quilt a month for 2010.

Since we are Muldoons, the Irish chain is a frequent pleasure. I hand quilted this red one, changing thread colors from red to white as the stars went into the border. It hangs over my desk in my office.

This blue one was made for my son Eamon when he was a baby 25 years ago. It is also hand quilted and also he never touched it once he passed the infant stage!! Remember he was the wild one. His favorite activity was playing in mud puddles and climbing 20 feet up the Norfolk Island pine tree in our yard in Miami when he was three.

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Taryn said...

Did it make you cringe when he was up the tree? One of mine was like that--always testing his mother. I love the Irish Chain quilt pattern.