Saturday, May 7, 2011

the Mother's Day gift

Last weekend when my grandchildren were leaving I remembered Mother's Day.  So I rushed them back inside, got out my fabric markers and some green blocks and traced their hands.  The five year old colored his, the two year old scribbled some, the one year old lost interest.  I put borders around them, put the age of the children in the hands and made it into a pillowcase with my favorite bug fabric.  I put inside a new pillow from Target (they are the best for $4) and voila a Mother's Day present for my daughter-in-law from her kids for tomorrow.  I dare to post it today because she is too busy for computer.

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Kathie said...

what a cute gift, very thoughtful
I love home made presents, when my girls were little they always made things, now they tend to buy them!