Friday, May 6, 2011

The other obsession

So once upon a time at least 10 years back, my friend Mary Pat introduced me to the iris. I guess my fabric hoarding was on the back burner for a short time, or I decided to branch out, because the one rhizome from her garden was not enough.  I had to go to to see what other colors were available.  And then, totally mesmerized, I had to go again and again to their site.  Thank goodness, this was a passing phase and I was in short order back to my fabric stash enhancement!!  I must say  though, that I have never regretted this, for in the past 10 years, these irises have bloomed and multiplied and bloomed again with total neglect.  Through all the weeds come irises. Ha  ha just like the fabric stash...just multiplied!! Today when I saw Karmen's post on her iris...I remembered this iris post I had planned.

For good measure last year's chive plant which not only came back up again, but has treated me with these beautiful flowers for at least a month now!!  Chive flowers, you deserve to be included with the Irises.

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A Quilter Awakens said...

Your iris are so beautiful! I totally neglect my yard due to chronic quilt virus, so I get what I get each year. God takes pretty good care of the few plants I have left, but I should probably help out by dividing them this year. Karmen