Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pink process number 4

A quilt is not finished until it is quilted and bound.  The danger of showing " process", is that it can be judged as wrong before it gets a chance to be right..eg finished.  Not so much being judged by others as being judged by myself.  I should by now, know to trust the process, but at times I waiver.  I thought I would be putting these blocks into the WIP file, but I saw the lattice on my shelf this afternoon and had to do it now while the thought was simmering.  Unless I work from a pattern which I have not done for years really, with a few exceptions, the end result is never known to me till the end.  Eg, with this quilt I started with scrap 3" strips chosen randomly and it just went from there.  I could never have told you when I started what it would look like because I didnt know.  That is the absolute fun for me!  So here is the next stage in the process of making this pink quilt.

A good scrap quilt moves the eye around the quilt seeing interesting things along the way.  It is a struggle for me to keep a quilt calm, yet interesting.  Maybe I should give up the calm thing since it is not me, but I think it is a challenge.  I had planned for his quilt to be calm.  I am seeing interesting, but not calm.


farmersdotter said...

Lovin this set together with the pink check! Is the pink check 100% cotton? I have lots of the old-fashioned poly-cotton ginghams and didn't know whether they would work as well.
Brenda...the Farmer's Dotter

O'Quilts said...

Thank you Brenda. Yes, the pink check in 100% cotton. It is hard to find, but Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC has it in 100% cotton in many colors.