Friday, June 17, 2011

Hourglass cuddle done

My friends have told me to get I did.  This quilt was finished during the news tonight.  The key to this quick finish is the wiggle stitch...the fastest way in the world to quilt a cuddle quilt and of course self binding.  On my cool and awesome Janome 6600, I set the dial to number 9 which is the zigzag stitch with the dots, I think it is for knits.  And then I set the width to 3.5 and the length to 3.2 and wiggle away..I know that the stitch is prettier on my Bernina 1230, but the Janome one is fine for this.

The reason for finishing these up today....I had no more basting pins!!  I had 5 quilts basted for our annual trip.  Now, I only have 3 but I have more pins:)  Every year my husband and I go to the mountains for a few days while he plays in the national tennis tournaments.  He plays tennis, I take my sewing machine and quilt and swim and go to the quilt stores.  At night we reconvene for dinner.  We usually stay three days because he usually wins his games.  No arthritis for my man...lucky him.  

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