Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Starry, Starry night"

This top was posted forever ago..and why, you ask, does it take a year to finish somethings when I am always starting anew?  Well, the problem here was free motion quilting.  I hate it and this quilt was finished, sort of , and bound and still needed some free motion quilting.  I rather start something new than do that.  So it sat on the very big pile of UFO/WIPs!  I made myself  finish it last night cursing all the way.  The thread broke, I changed the needle.  The thread bunched up before it hit the needle, more cursing.  I changed the pressure...OMG.  I am surprised you didn't hear me in Canada and Australia and Africa and England..Then, once I had finished, I decided that the machine quilting I had done had just ruined the quilt for good and I might as well give it away.  As usual with the morning light, life and quilts somehow shine better.  And on the fence in the yard, amongst the weeds, it is just fine...oh that four letter word..F I N E.

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