Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vinyl experiment continued

With this experiment, I am staying "green"..eg..using what I have on hand.  While during the last post, I 
enclosed the picture in the vinyl using my Teflon foot, this next step uses a regular zigzag foot with no problem.  I found in a box, this red screen piece that I had purchased awhile ago at a local quilt store, http://www.quiltpatchfabrics.com/  I cut the screen the size I wanted and zigzagged the vinyl onto the red using invisible or clear thread the same as I did when making the initial pocket.  I am holding the vinyl secure with clips so as not to damage it with holes from pins.
This picture shows some paint brushes in the pocket, just to show that it is now a stable pocket.
Into the garage I went to find the roll of screening kept from our screened in porch that we built 5 years ago.  I cut it here using the lines on the cutting board and the regular rotary cutter.
I am preparing the picture by covering the top and bottom with an edging.  I had picked out a regular fabric until I realized that batiks did not fray thus would be more suitable.
I used this scallop blade from Michaels (with 50% off coupon of course) to make the edges of the folded batik strip and zigzagged it on with a variegated thread.

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