Monday, June 13, 2011

Vinyl experiment

I am trying something new.  I bought some light weight vinyl at Walmart and today I sewed it around two pictures that I have.  The one below was a joke from a magazine in that was 40 years ago.  I am a saver!!!  I liked it because it looked like my grandmother with her grey hair and masher and apron.  The joke was the stern expression which she never had.  Now the biggest joke is that I am wearing the apron and holding the masher..time just flies.
 The picture below is from a dog food bag.  Instead of the usual plasticy dog food bags, this one was just plain paper but I liked the image and wanted to save it.  It is tough to photograph the vinyl.
I put the pictures between two pieces of the vinyl and sewed around them, then sewed again a quarter inch apart.  The idea was to put it on a tote for the grocery store or a funky tote for something else..proud that I am to be an eccentric!  But, they are heavy....too heavy for cotton.  I thought maybe laminate, but that is too weak.  Now I am thinking an IKEA type canvass or maybe window screening. Any creative suggestions for the use of my pictures would be very welcomed.

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