Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cucumber appetizer

We are going out tonight after a fun day at a mystery quilt workshop.  I always bring brie, but today, I decided that I would use some of what I had in the garden which is cucumbers and more cucumbers.  And of course chives.  So I googled cucumber appetizers and came up with this...yummy....

Crab and Cucumber Canapes with Lemon and Chives (I was too cheap for shrimp).
1 hothouse English cucumber cut into 1/2 thick rounds...I used cucumbers from my garden
1/4 cup mayonnaise
2 TB chopped fresh chives...from the garden
1 TB coarse grain mustard
1 tsp grated lemon peel
8 oz or one cup crab...or shrimp
Curly endive leaves

Using melon baller (or grapefruit spoon) scoop out center of each cucumber forming hollow cup and leaving bottom intact.  Mix mayo, 2 TBS chives, mustard and lemon peel in bowl to blend..  Add shrimp and toss to combine.  Place small leaf of curly endive in cucumber cup.  Spoon small amt salad into each cup.  Garnish with additional chives and serve.

Cucumber cups can be made 8 hours ahead lining dish with paper towels, covering tightly and refrigerate.  Shrimp/crab salad can be made one day ahead.  Canapes can be made 2 hours ahead.

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Andrea said... time we meet, don't know if I want you to make this appetiser or your yummy fudge :)