Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hard work in cleaning the bleed

The good news is that my quilt has been saved.  TBTG!  AFter 4 or 5 machine runs with Color Catcher, 5 TBS of Retayne in another run, two cycles of non chlorine bleach in still another washing machine cycle...nothing happened.  The realization that my new fangled washing machine was an energy saver, thus would not allow a decent soak, lead me finally to fill up my utility sink with hot water and half a bottle of Retayne.  The quilt soaked there for 3 hours.  There was still a slight pink in the backing so I put it through the washing machine cycle with a little chlorine bleach (against my better judgment) and voila...a saved quilt.  Even though this picture looks a bit pinkish, the quilt is completely white and I am delighted!
Sigh....I love a success story:)

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Andrea said...

Hurray - really chuffed for you. Would have been a terrible shame! You can relax and enjoy your weekend now :-)