Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sick to my stomach, my quilt bled......

I remember once when my kids were in middle school, we were picking someone up from the airport...I kept missing the exit....then turning around and missing it again.  They were playing...how many ways to say throw up...eg upchuck, vomit, puke...etc...they were distracting me and driving me nuts cause we were late.  This is the way I feel now.  My stomach is churning.  My lovely, newly finished Pink 4 patch experiment number 1...has bled.  This has not happened to me in a long long time, maybe 10 years as I always, repeat ALWAYS pre-wash my fabric.  I am dumbfounded. I washed it with my newly finished disappearing nine which is not ruined.  But, I fear that the pink and white one is...OMG...what to do.  I rinsed it in color bleach...no good.  It is now soaking a bit with the color removal sheets.  I just do not believe this...Help..A glass of wine or two is in order for me...but that will not fix the quilt...cry..whine...jeeze louize..OMG..

So here is the result of the first 41 minute round of two color catcher sheets.  I have it back again on soak cycle with two more...But...I do not know and bed time calls soon..I know I will have nightmares.

What has done this...talk about fugitive...I just checked again, the third round and it is still pouring red.  Jeeze...and with a scrap quilt...how to know the culprit.
Now the cat just spilled my red wine on the bills my husband was going to pay. ( Do NOT read this honey!)  I am very crabby!

Good morning...oh...same old problem...but, I think it is the binding that bled.
It is in the wash for the 4th time with two more Color Catchers...When it dries, I guess I will take off the binding, but the white back is still all pink and not nice....

Next update is that the 4th time did nothing but the front is ok.  It is very strange that the back is the only thing affected now.  And, it is no longer splotchy, but all over pink.  Still not acceptable, but front is ok....Will get some Retayne as soon as I can.  Will not take off the binding yet...OMG  This is so annoying.

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