Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Billie's Quilt

Billie has been an inspiration for me for several years now.  She has come to my water aerobic's class regularly with her oxygen bottle in tow. In the dressing room after the pool, she would often gasp for breath.  While I whine about my arthritis pain and how it affects my walking, Billie never whined, she just carried on.  We laughed and gossiped and enjoyed.  She told me about her life working in a factory in NC and I chatted about my life. About 6 months ago her COPD got worse and she couldn't come to the pool any more, but I saw her at lunches, chatting with friends and enjoying her life.  Last week she told me that she had lung cancer.  Now, I tell you that Billie does not deserve all that.  She has already had enough.  But, I am not in charge in the world.  So yesterday I gave Billie this quilt with the inscription....Billie's "No whining " quilt...Billie, my inspiration.

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Jan said...

Your quilt had to put a smile on her face. I love that quilt; it's so cheery. You're a good, kind friend :)