Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mystery quilt top finished

I do not like mystery workshops...oh, I take it back.  I do!  Just did it to be with my friends and guess who had a good time..me.  I bought no fabric for this.  My husband says that it is way too yellow...but, the yellow flowered fabric was the only one on hand that had enough yardage and I got it on Fabric.com http://fabric.com/ last year for $3 something a yard.  I still didn't finish it up.  And once I see it online, it does not look too yellow at all.  I do not want to quilt this as it is too big and I want to spend my time making other projects, so I think, just think, I may, just may.. check out a longarmer, Ruth's http://ruthsloan.blogspot.com/ lady in Asheville.  I will think about it.  Cause I would have to drive to Asheville from Charlotte.  The longarmers here are too pricey for me.  Anyway, I do not know what this pattern is.  I never would have guessed how it would look in the end.  As much as I like to control my quilts..I did like this.

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