Sunday, July 17, 2011

Postcards and Booklet covers

Today's lazy day and the need for a thank you note, led me to work on these this morning.  I have three postcards and two booklet folders finished. For the booklet covers, I removed the staples to have the cover.  I took "made fabric" from scrap strips and glued them to fit the cover with a plain fabric glued on the inside.  I free motioned quilted it and did a double blanket stitch on the edge.  Then I re-stapled the insides of the booklet.

 For the postcards, I cut an iron on stiffener to size and ironed on scraps.  I then free motion quilted it or used my walking foot with decorative stitches to secure the edges of the patches.  I then glued the postcard backing and did the double blanket stitch to hold it all together.  I so love the variegated threads for this.  And see the little red and blue corners cut from triangles glued on the card stock. Glossy polyester thread is fun in free motion to make it shine.

This postcard stamp from Hobby Lobby with my coupon is used here on card stock and glued to the back before the edge quilting.  I have another post on this but of course I cannot find it because I just now learned about the label thing on the bottom...totally slow learner.

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