Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Flannel Story.....

Black Friday came and my daughter and I decided to go ahead and do it...get up at 5 and go to JoAnn's Fabric Store for the big flannel bargain of $1.47 a yard.  Five o'clock came and I heard nothing from my daughter and I heard nothing from sleep kept coming.  We said that it was not worth the hassle and had a great day.  Then evening came and I was a bit stir crazy or maybe just plain crazy...wanted an adventure...get out of the house you know.  So I persuaded my man to take me to JoAnn's.  It was 8pm.  I thought things might all be gone, but what the heck..adventure.  Emily got her man to go too and we met up there.  NO ONE was in the store..only employees and the racks were absolutely full of flannel all for that wonderful price.  Emily and I gathered up our loot and carried it to the cutting tables.  The women had no other customers so they were enjoying our flannels.  They would say things like.."Oh, I never saw that one...or how adorable"..and they would feel it and love it and then cut it.  The pig fabric I had to share with the worker because she loved it so.  Mr.Two Red Wellies was talking to Mr.O'Quilts and observing that in any respectable hardware store, one would be hard pressed to hear the worker say something like," Oh, wow...that hammer...I just love that, can I feel it?  Or, those nails are just awesome, etc!"  I just love quilters:)
And, I just love that price of $1.47 a yard in Charlotte's brand new JoAnn's Fabric store.  And I just love that   
I do not have to pay the now price of $6.99 or $5.99....Yeah for adventure.

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Exuberant Color said...

You really got a deal there!!
Some of those are more like $9 a yard regular.