Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bird Process

1.  My husband called the plumber.  We were losing water pressure and live down a hill at the end of a cul-de-sac in the woods.  The ground was squishy, we thought there was a broken pipe. $$$$$$$$$   The plumber came.  He said we had moles.  Nice.  $$$$$  Good news is that the water pressure regulator was rusted out.$$$$  Now it is repaired and we have awesome water pressure.$$$$  And, we still have moles.

2.  The concussion clinic called with my appointment.  They said October 3rd.  I cried, so then they said September 4th.

3.  On Mondays we get "pizza Monday" from Harris Teeter..two of them.  This is week 6 of "pizza Monday"...my husband is a patient man...better than I am.

4.  I found these four pinwheels in a box...a different box.  I cut a piece of one of my favorite bird fabrics and without measuring, just cut and sewed and had a good time to get myself together.  Quilting is the funnest:)

Damn...I put the thing together upside down...ok...now........chill Diane.....and I just saw it now...Lordy...

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Courtney Lyons said...

Wow - Sept 4 seems so long, although not as long as Oct. We do pizza mondays from HT a bit, too - they are so good. Love the new doll/baby quilt!