Thursday, August 23, 2012

Delete for the rage...or/see block #4

This blendy little zigzag is in honor of my Southwest USA life where I went to high school and undergraduate school in Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona...thx to Tula and I think Kaffe or is it Brandon...anyway..
So, you can delete now, cuz I am about to rant on my day...My husband had a business luncheon to attend and he came in to say goodbye and it was almost noon and I was still in bed!!  I wanted to cry...wasting my entire Thursday..a bad start.  In the afternoon, he drove me to see my mother.  I was thrilled at feeling fine, Mother was thrilled at seeing me.  Within minutes I was dizzy and head pressury..and pissy...So I had to sit in the recliner in my mother's room.  Mother was in great shape and she had gone to lunch bunch..a Mexican restaurant.  She is 91 with Parkinsons...and she can do that??  I cannot do that.  Then Mr.O'Quilts helped her SKYPE her 92 year old cousin in Sweden.  They chatted away while for me, the room spun away.  Visitors then came and my mother held court...queen that she is.  I told her to never, ever tell me that she was so abandoned and had no friends.  I hardly visited with her..she had so many folks come in.  This visit did me in and I had to rest...a four letter word...I think...and silly me had been thinking we could go by Target on the way home.  Guess I cannot ride in a car either, yet...heavy on the yet...Mr. O'Quilts said that I had just over done it...whatever...Thank u for listening...and Emily, your mother has to whine just a little bit once in awhile..please forgive.......


Dora, the Quilter said...

Honey, you just need to be patient with your brain. It's not like you can will it to do what it needs to do because it can't until it heals.
I get that full of pressure feeling too--just lays me low!
Actually, I think the discouragement and everything else is very normal with the injury. It's just hard for us because it's so different from the lives we've led up to this point. It *will* get better--just not as quickly as we'd like.

Julia Wood said...

Thinking of you! Hope today is a better day!