Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ohio Star top done, etc...heavy on the

The great satisfaction of a long time UFO top done:)  I am working on my addiction...I love my fabric.  I struggled to cut up my polka dots, to cut up my lovely orange flowers and even it was difficult to use the rest of my GW blue checkered shirt:)  I have it bad.  But, after my fall...I do it anyway.  I know the score now..for the moment at least..
Bridget has a wonderful blog about New Mexico...she does quilt too!!!  Today, she was all about the feeling of nature and being grateful to be alive.  The night sky and the meteors and stars that I have not seen since Girl Scout camp in Payson, Arizona or at my husband's family farm in Kinvara, Ireland.
Trying here to reproduce nature in my yard..and not capturing the feeling at all the way Bridget did.  How tall the pine trees...
Nature helps me feel grateful too and recently more so.  I was grateful that I did not break anything or die with my fall...but recently as I prepare for the upcoming Concussion Clinic, I see the questions...dizziness...check...fatigue...check...cannot read, watch TV...check..cannot drive..check...cognitive check...can you imagine my husband having to hire a babysitter for me when he goes to Europe to visit his family...I still can think....oh, let me whine no more...I am soo grateful.
Then there is the continuity of life.  Here are more starter plants from our Gardenia.  Thank you Great Aunt Carl in Greenville, Alabama...the generation and love lives on..


Julia Wood said...

Love the quilt, especially the polka dot sashing!

Bridget said...

I have a star quilt in mind, but had never thought of polka dot sashing. I love this quilt....and thanks for the mention!

I am fixing to have a nap soon after the early wake up today.